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ASEAD Capital is an investment firm established through a joint venture of investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam. We specialize in providing financial advisory services to help clients raise capital from properties by leveraging our extensive network of investors.Our investment projects range from small-scale to luxury real estate ventures, as well as commodities trading and coffee production and export. We cater to a diverse clientele, including family-owned companies, international and domestic corporations, and strategic investors.

At ASEAD Capital, we assist clients throughout the entire M&A process, from screening potential acquisition targets to identifying suitable investors. We strive to maximize value, mitigate risk, and control costs to ensure our clients derive the full value from their deals.We provide unrivaled access to capital markets, enabling our clients to tap into various funding sources, while offering support to businesses in achieving their objectives successfully.

We place a strong emphasis on transparency and seamlessly coordinate with our clients, catering to their requirements for control, involvement, and reporting. Once we accept a mandate, we deploy all necessary resources to ensure proper execution and satisfactory results for our clients.Our team brings vast experience in finance, investment, property development, valuation, management strategy, legal advisory, and involvement in numerous M&A deals. We value our collaborators and strategic partners, seeking long-term relationships based on commitment, honesty, and trust.

We promote innovation in our projects and investments, always searching for new business opportunities and fostering professional growth.ASEAD Capital is dedicated to providing knowledge, connections, and strategies to help organizations flourish. We strive to deliver high value and support our clients' growth and success.


Investment Management

ASEAD CAPITAL offers investment management in real estate, commodities, and coffee production. They serve diverse clients, ensuring successful execution and satisfactory results.

Financial Advisory Services

ASEAD Capital provides financial advisory services, specializing in raising capital from properties and offering M&A support. They help clients maximize value, mitigate risks, and control costs for successful outcomes.

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