Your investment partner for raising capital in real estate, commodities, and coffee production, connecting clients with a network of investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Our Services

Investment Management

ASEAD CAPITAL offers investment management in real estate, commodities, and coffee production. They serve diverse clients, ensuring successful execution and satisfactory results.

Financial Advisory Services

ASEAD Capital provides financial advisory services, specializing in raising capital from properties and offering M&A support. They help clients maximize value, mitigate risks, and control costs for successful outcomes.

Our Projects

Financial investment: We also invest and raise fund to invest in the potential projects that can bring profits to us and ourstrategicpartners.

Our Mission

Our Mission

ASEAD Capital help Business Performance & Scalability
Be the right value partner and maximize value for local acquisition targets for potential international investors.
  • Collection of Global Solutions.
  • Full Support all the time.
  • VIP Custom Solutions.